Ragdale Clinic Prices

Initial treatment:                   £60
Subsequent treatments:    £40




Please allow up to two hours for the initial treatment, which includes a full assessment and medical history.


Subsequent treatments will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour.


Prices for the Rugby Community Clinic

The aim of multi-bed community acupuncture clinics is to provide affordable traditional acupuncture. By keeping costs low, acupuncture becomes a more accessible alternative or complementary treatment choice for people to consider alongside Western medicine.


Costs are kept low by treating several people in the clinic at the same time. Screens and blankets ensure privacy for patients. Please see the Association of Community and Multibed Acupuncture Clinics website for more information. All acupuncture treatments are £20 at the Rugby multi-bed clinic. 


Prices for Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture

The initial consultation and treatment includes taking a medical and lifestyle history – this information is incorporated into the FRA procedure and treatment planning. This appointment lasts approximately 2 hours and costs £75.


Subsequent FRA treatments last 75 minutes and cost £50.